Monday, December 15, 2014

Our New Ocean...

Sea Level Rise New England is All About The Shoreline.

It makes no difference if The Ocean rises 20' in the middle.

If it rises 2' at The Shoreline we're in up to our eyes.

Nobody knows for sure what to expect.

But, we cannot ignore the threat.

This is what Sea Level Rise is all about.

A speculative natural disaster we must confront before it happens.

But how do we know what's enough protection?

We don't know what's going to happen.

Everything you have seen or heard on the topic of Sea Level Rise is speculation.

Studying the effects of Sea Level Rise on Earth's Shoreline is a brand new field.

More is being learned every day.

However, using the information currently available, we have no choice but to prepare for the possibility of catastrophic inundation of our ports by rising seas.

Science says The Ocean is warming, and will continue to do so.

Warmer water expands.

Science also says polar ice is melting at an alarming rate.

This adds volume to The Ocean and reduces salinity.

Each of these factors will add a little more to Sea Level Rise.

How much is anyone's guess right now.

The wild eyed people foresee biblical flooding on the horizon.

The deniers say, "Hooey, not gonna happen."

Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

For better or worse, the only opinions that matter in this situation are those of Governments, Financiers, and Global Industry.

The biggest players in The Global Economy have acknowledged Sea Level Rise as a potentially crippling event.

Maritime Commerce makes the big wheel turn.

Today's Global Economy starts and stops at The Shoreline.

If Sea Level rises 2' in the coming decades, ports all over The Globe will suffer constant setbacks as high tides regularly flood coastal infrastructure.

We cannot ignore the possibility.

What actions will be taken in this impending battle for coastal protection?

What are the long term effects on Earth's Shoreline?

Are we going to fortify our coasts in advance of this potentiality?

Which coastal properties will receive protection to the detriment of others?

How do we know what's enough protection if we don't know how much or how fast The Ocean will expand?

A lot of questions surround this situation.

We need better answers before we start building seawalls, dredging and altering our coasts in a panic over something we do not understand.

The information on this webpage is designed to help make those decisions easier.

I love Earth's Shoreline, as do many others, let's not allow it to be destroyed in advance of a speculative disaster.

Check this out...!

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